"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer



Hi, I'm George Taggart, Pastor of Abundant Life Church of Simi Valley  Thanks for visiting us.  I'm excited about this great abundant life that God has given to us.   I have experienced it in my life and I desire it for you and your family.  I am inviting you to come and join us as we study the Bible and worship the Great God of the universe.  Come and Experience the love of Jesus Christ in Simi Valley. 


We believe God is the creator and sovereign ruler of the universe.  He is eternally existed in three persons; the Father , the Son , and the Holy Spirit.  These three are coequal, and are one God. 


We believe that heaven and earth were created out of God's love from nothing for His glory.  Creation is not God and is apart from God, yet we believe that God is eminently involved with His creation.  


We believe that God created man in HIs image and likeness to be his ruler in the created world.  Man is God's steward over His good creation.  Man's stewardship is two fold: To worship God, and to reflect his glory in the earth. 


We believe that man, both Adam and Eve were created perfect.  When they chose to believe the word of the serpent, they chose the word of a created being over and against the word of their creator.  God promised man, that if he disobeyed him on the day he disobeyed him, he would surely die.   At that moment, sin entered into the world through man, and death and destruction entered in and began  to corrupt the good creation of God. 


We believe that God promised a Savior through the seed of the woman.  When man fell,  we believe that God extended this grace because man in himself would not be able to redeem himself from the sin and death that they caused through their distrust of God's word. 


We believe that the plan of this Messiah, this Savior, through Abraham and his seed would find its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.  We believe this plan is found in the Holy Word of God, the scriptures. 


We believe that the Scriptures are the very word of God, both the Old and the New Testament. We believe that God is the author of the Scriptures and has revealed himself to man.  We believe the Scriptures are the truth of which God uses to cause people to be born again,  We also believe that the word of God is a living and abiding word, able to renew your mind, change your heart and set you free. 


The Scriptures reveal to us, Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He is coequal with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was fully human and fully God.  Jesus lived a sinless, human life and in love, offers himself as a perfect sacrifice for the sins of all men by dying on the cross.  He rose again from the dead after three days to demonstrate that he conquered sin and death.  He ascended into heaven in His glorified body, and will return again to the earth to rule and reign with His people as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 


The Holy Spirit is equal with the Father and the Son of God.  He was in the beginning at creation.  He is the author of re-creation and new birth.  He is the Power.  He is the life that is in every believer in Jesus Christ so that they can live a fruitful and victorious life.  These are the Sons of God, the Holy Spirit, like the Father, and the Son, is the Lord and giver of life. 


God never intended for us to do this on our own.  We believe that the church is made up of believers of every generation and is called the body of Christ.  We believe every member is a living and active part that is attached to the Head, Jesus Christ.  We believe that every member of this church is gifted and has a vital part in the health, welfare and maturity of the body, while bringing glory to God until his return.  


God has given us baptism and communion.  We believe that baptism is a sign of our death and burial in Jesus Christ.  We believe that communion is receiving of the body and spirit and in truth. Baptism and communion point to the reality of the finished work of Jesus Christ.  


The key to salvation is the resurrection.  We believe that Jesus rose from the dead three days after His crucifixion.  He rose spirit, soul and body.  This bodily resurrection points to the redemption of all of creation in which man is a part of that redemption.


As essential as the resurrection is to our faith, equally essential is the ascension.  We believe in Jesus after spending 40 days on the earth, after His resurrection in His glorified body, was taken up into heaven and is ruling and reigning as the King of Kings, and the sovereign Lord of all. 


We also believe as the angel said, that Jesus will return the same way as He went.   We as the church are looking forward to that day. 


So, what does all this mean and what is our purpose? As a church, we believe that we are to shine our light where God has placed us, loving one another and living out the blessed hope in word and deed. 

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